The Aims of PAFAM


The patient’s opinion is being listened to increasingly because it is the patient who can speak from experience. It is PAFAM’s aim to provide a patient voice for Anthroposophic Medicine and Therapies and to affirm its effectiveness and encourage its acceptance both legally and medically. As with most complementary therapies, Anthroposophic Medicine is still seeking a fully recognized place in European and UK legislation.


The whole human being – body, soul and spirit – is addressed in the Anthroposophic approach to healing. Because of this, social relationships play an important role in the healing process. As a patient and friends organization, PAFAM is able to offer support and none medical advice to people using Anthroposophic Medicine in isolation.


PAFAM wants to be active in practical ways to further its aims. It sees publicity as an important aspect of raising awareness of, and educating the public about, the Anthroposophic approach to healthcare. In addition, a phone line for enquiries and to supply more in depth information about Anthroposophic Medicine is available (see side panel). PAFAM can also offer talks, displays and workshops to interested groups and organisations across the UK (please see the News or Events tabs for the latest information). Workshops can cover various themes including the following:

  • Stress & Hypertension
  • Embracing Life
  • Heart Health
  • Strengthening your Immune System
  • Nutrition
  • Connecting to your Biography
  • Accepting Illness
  • Embracing Dying