Living Will

The Living Will is a document in which you may indicate the medical care you wish to receive, should a time come when you no longer are able to express your views personally.

The Living Will bears the same weight as the Last Will & Testament and fits neatly into your purse or wallet.

End of life care is not an easy subject, very often leaving family and friends uncertain as how to proceed. This is usually because the needs of the patient have never been discussed by either party.

The Living Will is an important document for those who wish to continue taking responsibility for their well being – even when they themselves can no longer communicate it.

The Living Will document comes with an advisory sheet of considerations to be discussed with friends, family members or chosen advocate.

To order your own copy for £4.00 (inclusive of postage and packing), please send a letter with your request to Cathie Green, as well as cheque made payable to PAFAM, remembering to include your own name and address details as well.

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