Embracing Dying

A New Training Course from PAFAM

Within our culture and within our country the connection to death and dying, although beginning to change somewhat, is still avoided, feared and misunderstood by many people. We have worked consistently to find the appropriate way to develop a training course, which will enable people to connect more consciously to their own death and dying process or to that of a loved one.

The title of this training course, ‘Embracing Dying’, names the purpose of this whole initiative. The course will be run by Cathie Green and Monika Horber who are committee members of PAFAM.

We have built a three day training curriculum which will include:

  • Introduction to the Embracing Dying journey which may begin with a person’s terminal diagnosis or only a few days prior to death
  • Communication, Mindfulness, Listening
  • Connecting with the person, Awareness of the family dynamic
  • Soul wounds, Anxieties, Deeply held beliefs/The dangers of fixing and rescuing
  • Touch Massage, Essential oils
  • Sound work
  • Co-creating an end of life plan/Meditation
  • The Vigil, Witnessing
  • Self-care, Boundaries
  • Death-bed visions, Near-death experiences
  • The stages of dying
  • The moment of death
  • Preparation of the body
  • The planning for the funeral
  • The three days after death and their importance for the person who has died
  • How to bring this training into the community in which you live

If you would like to participate in this training course please contact Cathie Green at PAFAM HERE or visit our EVENTS page for up to date courses that are taking place.

Visit the Embracing Dying Website

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