Home Treatment Guide


It contains a wealth of information and advice about many commonly encountered minor illnesses, and how to deal with them using Natural remedies.

The booklet can be praised for giving a positive view of the importance of fever, and of not suppressing it unnecessarily.

 A raised body temperature is not an illness, but a sign that the body is attempting to heal itself.

Included is a helpful overview of the main infectious illnesses affecting children, and how to recognise them.

The booklet also covers topics such as how to deal with minor injuries, and ailments such as coughs and colds, earache, diarrhoea, indigestion and sickness, and much more besides. The treatments recommended are simple but effective, ranging from homeopathic remedies to herb teas. There is detailed advice on how to make Compresses, Poultices, Inhalations and Footbaths and indications are given on how to use them in particular situations.

This booklet should prove invaluable to parents and carers. It provides the knowledge and means of how to treat, with confidence, the many commonly occurring minor ailments with simple but effective natural remedies.

Adrian Large
Naturopathy (N.D.), Rhythmical Massage Therapy (Dip RMT) Remedial Massage Therapy (L.C.S.P.) Bowen Therapy (E.C.B.S.) Emmett Technique

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